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Men wear tops…tops are literally anything that goes on top. werewolves Bullverine shirt. Shirts, tanks, button-ups. Those are all tops. Is your masculinity really that important to you. ? You’re a straight male, we get it, Joseph Tatro I’m not sure if I agree or not. What is this said “twat knot”? Plz advise First of all diabetes, men wear tops. Second of all, you sound like such a weak pansy with some deep insecurities. These make my ASU’s look so much better when I take my coat off or when I’m in class B’s. Mark HealthyMan Reed AGREED. Most military men wear them. Men in tuxedos wear them. Unfortunately, not all men know how to look sharp under their clothes. Dude shirt stays have been a thing ever since the invention of suits… Chris Ogilvie yeah they do. Most wear some form of shirt stay to keep their shirt tucked in when wearing class B’s

Bullverine shirt

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Well, Frank, look what you did with that comment. werewolves Bullverine shirt. Everyone on here judging you now. We are all different. Some people can’t accept that and have to name call. Jonathan Jones these were made for men and have been used for almost 200 years. Mark HealthyMan Reed That’s a mean thing to say. It’s the best way to look sharp in your service dress. I think everyone I have served with uses a form of these. Although the saddle style and ones that clip to you socks probably work better than these. Mark HealthyMan Reed, does it look like he’s wearing a military uniform? Virginia Cooper makes more sense that way. I just never knew anyone I served with to use this, then again we almost never wore our class a’s. “Cupcake” over here can get his teeth kicked in by a man in his shirt stays and dress uniform.

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Funny thing is, I’m a dancer as well. Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. I absolutely love it. I just happen to put my efforts for a career elsewhere in a STEM major. Doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion. Oh, wait! Come back, Debbie Watkins! Why did you delete your comment?! Funny thing is, my skill was never in question. I never said I could do better. I just said that I didn’t like her dance but that she was good. “Potential” is what I said. Why is it always the “thicker” women that hate dancing? Lol, she’s a beautiful dancer when she properly executes her moves. These twerk dance classes are becoming a little too popular in my opinion,  I can be your friend and still say “yous a ho”. It is what it is. And I definitely won’t salt a stripper for their grind. But being a stripper isn’t world-renowned (typically i.e. Cardie B, Lil Kim etc) if you know what I mean. If that’s all you wanna be known for then do you boo. Tasha Dotts

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For anyone that what’s to know her name is Aliya Janell and she owns a dance studio out in Cali. Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. Go check her on IG she’s mad talented, Hope she has better moves than that,, not saying she can’t dance but that there was shaking twerking and rolling,, I like choreographed moves. And before anyone has something to say I grew up with the skills and stopped after my 1st kid. People today just throw things around popping butts and call it dancing, I dance as well (not as a career but hip-hop and freestyle) and I agree and see how you say that. “No thanks! This is gross!” Coming from a boy who’s profile picture is of his two abs. Yeah. She’s the gross one. Amber Lynn Caulder have a valium and a vibrator…now this is coming from your btch with one finger ..yeah I know u love it. Btw not two abs it’s 8 . You cant even count dumb n stupid gross one lol

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If you ever run into someone that thinks animals of ALL kinds don’t have the same feelings as we do… I Just Wanna Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies shirt. you should stop talking to them and walk away immediately because there’s something wrong with them. All around our world animals show so much compassion for one another and it doesn’t have to be the same species. To me they actually show more love and compassion for their own kind and humans then humans show for each other. I love animals, especially when I can keep them as pets and spoil them. But it’s disturbing to me to see people dressing up monkeys in clothes and trying to make them into little people. It’s not natural for them. Leave monkeys in the wild. This made me cry because my 6-year-old dog still misses her best friend Rocky or Rocko, he was a dad to her whenever she was just a puppy, he took care of her,

Just Wanna Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies shirt

I Just Wanna Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies All Day shirt

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I Just Wanna Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies shirt. he even let her cuddle with him when he was sleeping and 3 years later he got sick and he passed away on the vet table and she was only 11 months old when he passed but at least he knew it was time for him to go Me and Aria still miss you today Rocko 5 years without you is like a year without rain Rest In Paradise Rocko, Thank God there are people in the world that love animals…I just wish the “others” would love them too instead of the horrible abuse the beautiful souls have to endure in SILENCE… ..please speak out about abuse, Nothing like an animals love, they don’t love you for the money you have or the lifestyle, car or house. They only see you and the love and attention you give them. That’s why they are so precious, no matter what type, if you love them you’ll get it back tenfold.

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Jennifer, Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi Potus shirt. we literally have NO say who becomes a candidate. People with lots of money and political backing get nominated, they go around doing debates and giving their best speeches hoping to represent their party, and then when the final election comes, the people don’t even directly vote. Our vote is called the “popular vote,” but the only one that actually counts is the electoral college votes. They’re basically state representatives that get so many votes based on state population. They can choose to vote completely opposite of the popular vote in that state if they want. In addition to the farce that is our “choice” to elect officials, our media severely misrepresents actual facts in a large scope. Don’t watch our news if you want actual facts about everything that goes on here.

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Do your own research. Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi Potus shirt. The media will purposely misrepresent facts to sell itself. Melissa Reneé Cantey, I’m totally in favor of banning pit bulls as is everyone I know. The new rule isn’t mass killing its that you are not allowed to NOW acquire a pit bull. If you have a pit bull now you can keep it but you have to register it. Although I get that there are nice pit bulls the damage they can do if they are not raised properly is too big a risk. As Americans, you wouldn’t get this ideology as you have the same argument for guns. Guns aren’t bad it’s the people using them. The result is tons of accidental deaths and murder that wouldn’t have happened if guns were present. I haven’t heard of deaths by golden retrievers. I’m a dog trainer and raise assistant dogs and I know that most people do not train their dogs well. A potential weapon in the hands of someone that doesn’t know what they are doing is a bad thing.

Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt

I don’t fully understand your point, Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt and you seem to contradict yourself in your comments. First, you said everybody that immigrated here brought job skills (mentioning Doctors and Dentists), then later you say “cabinet makers and darn good laborers.” Are you saying that we don’t do a good enough job now making sure darn good laborers aren’t turned away? Do you think many unskilled people enter this country? As I understand it, it is incredibly difficult to obtain an American visa and to enter as a refugee is a long and rigorous process. If your point is that it used to be more difficult to come to America and become a citizen, I strongly disagree. The path to come here illegally is a long and dangerous one as well. You say in all caps “someone forgot to teach this in school because it is still the law,” referring to having to pass an American history test and “sweat” allegiance in order to become a citizen.

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I don’t understand what this means. Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt. They forget to teach that because it’s the law? You’re saying that this is still a law, and because of that, we forget to tach that it’s the law? I don’t know, but it’s the only thing you wrote in caps. The most worrisome line is you last “America is not up for change” comment. I have no idea what it’s referring to, but the idea that America can’t grow or evolve was a nation is ignorant, plain and simple. I’m not sure you fully understood the purpose of my poem, but I hope you take another look and understand I’m not encouraging our country to put the rest of the world on welfare, but rather to stop fearing people from other countries and help our fellow man when possible.

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Don’t forget to wear your high heels when you conveniently run that stick vac all over the house! Build This Wall shirt. I just bought the one on QVC. I like to sweep up dirt and dog hairs every other day, and I LOVE it! My hairdresser has one that’s part of a wastebasket. omg, I thought I heard someone using that lol that was you..that’s awesome! They do have portable ones. My hair salon has two. They are about $99. I don’t know where they got them but I want one too! There is one that is portable it’s called EYE VAC
I had one when my kids were young. It was great since a lot of crumbs fell on the floor several times a day. I no longer need it now though. Megan Love right!? I can’t believe how many people did not catch her very obvious sarcasm lmao. To be fair this does have a use, but not in a house.

Build This Wall shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

Build This Wall shirt

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In the food industry, you aren’t supposed to use vacuums, because of the air they blow out. Build This Wall shirt. 
Instead, you have to sweep, the dustpan it up, so in that situation, this could be useful… Providing it doesn’t kick out the air like a vacuum does.

Not sure why you need this. You’ve already done the hard part…sweeping. Now, all you need is a dustpan which is cheaper than this gadget.  I wanna know where I can get those polka dotted heels. I used to have a pair, but don’t have them anymore. LOL. It bothers my back sometimes to bend over and I have allergy attacks if the dust and hair get in my face. But I won’t be paying for this still lol. 

Official Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt

Eye guy’s .where the rest of it then lol . Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt. simply lovely and plenty in the tanks,  I see you “liked” this post. Surly you must only like it because you are imagining what it might be like in your dreams when Brandon might actually admit he was wrong. This is more like Anthony’s reaction when Niccola admits he’s right… Then again, I can’t be too sure. Pretty sure you’ve only made this face twice in the thirty years you’ve been together, right Dad?
Mum admitting someone else is right is hardly a common occurrence…  I know how you feel life seems too overwhelming but keep soldiering on I know you are a strong person and I am sure its just a rough patch anytime you need an ear to listen or vent I am always here but I know you are not a quitter just think of yourself you are a very special person you will make it thinking of you take care lol

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Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt

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Thing is it’s not about being wrong or right in a marriage. Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt. It’s about living peacefully together and often that means not fighting about stupid shit. It means letting your pride aside and valuing your marriage MORE than being right. Those types of marriages are healthy and last for years and years. The people that have to be right to have the wrong priorities. Woman’s logic my late wife threw a wobbly one day we always do what you want to do never what I want to do I didn’t want to argue ok you choose what do you want to do don’t know was her reply you choose!!! Aaa female logic, last night…. this is section 111. No, I don’t think this is it! Yes, it is looking at the number. Oh, you’re right….. wow really??? I swear this was my expression!!

I’m A Teacher And A Cowboys Fan shirt

Ina Febriana Coffins for the morbidly obese are now being built because of the obesity epidemic.  Teacher Cowboys Fan shirt. England has the most obese populace in Europe. The US population have at least 60% or more obese populace. Just think what will happen once human ham there needs a hospital lift, it will need a small firefighter battalion just to carry her away from her bed. She couldn’t get into the plane, developed anxiety and landed in the back of the ambulance to the hospital. She pumps mouse down her throat. Glutinous & greedy that’s what it is. She’s lazy too. Sitting around & having people do everything for her is plain lazy. Katrina Larsen & Mary Ann Colangelo eggs are not unhealthy, get current with information in actual scientific literature before you starting giving diet prescriptions. Dietary cholesterol doesn’t make your cholesterol high. Saturated fat does. Eggs are highly absorbable protein sources…

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not to mention all the benefits and vital nutrients the egg yolk contains!!  Teacher Cowboys Fan shirt. Egg whites are a denatured form lacking the real powerful nutrients. Some people just want to have a war on eggs because they watched some show on TV, but haven’t realized people have eaten them as a sustainable food source for 1000’s of years. people just get so entranced into things without the validation of research. Yes if you eat 4 eggs every meal 6 meals a day you might have some problems….. that’s not from the egg. That’s because your calories are all worked. Ina Febriana I work at a funeral home and there are definitely larger caskets. They cost more, too. Chopping up people is not going to happen legally.

Is the BAND interrupting your conversation shirt

also, remember when I spoke about respect as the major way to prove love… I’m sorry, Is the BAND interrupting your conversation shirt. respect allows you to lend a hearing hear and heart and when someone does that person has perfected the act of love… now someone who can’t give respect can’t give anything in this life… as respect is the cheapest thing anyone can give and it shows when we listen to let it sink looking at life from the angle of the person speaking instead of just listening to respond,  Sara Dacosta Yea right you sound silly. You don’t know most guys to even believe that to be true. Guilty I listen to respond!! But am now listening to understand.
Julie Nelson, I say that in my head. Because if I said please get to the point he would be offended and think that I don’t care, Too funny! My step dad takes so long too! One time my mom said, “yeah yeah yeah, and the moral of the story is what???”

I’m sorry, Is the BAND interrupting your conversation shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

I'm sorry, Is the BAND interrupting your conversation Sweater

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We were dying. Just the opposite for me. It’s REALLY difficult to listen, I’m sorry, Is the BAND interrupting your conversation shirt. when almost every fourth or fifth word is, “You know what I’m saying?”…NO! I don’t know what you’re saying, because your story is lost because of taking so long. Ladies! It’s because whatever the problem is…has been talked about before. And did not change. Now it’s time to break out the big words and long-winded sentences, be cause obviously “I don’t like it when…” didn’t work the first 10 times. Check the mirror!

Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump Hillary did shirt

Voters still do not get it that voting for Hilary is loosing America from what Obama started…Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump Hillary did shirt. Scary that she’s in hiding she’s mad at Russia because Russia wants to hack our election to protect Trump From Obama and Hilary trust me this is true from heaven above! If you notice that little part that she put in there about the elections she’s laying the groundwork for the DOJ to take over the elections to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t win and she does another crooked plan by Hilary crooked Clinton, This Bi*** just used Russia as her out for HER PPL tampering with DNC election fraud, her e-mails and how much more?!? This woman needs a psychiatric evacuation, not a country underneath her!

Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump Hillary did shirt, hoodies, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump Hillary did shirt

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We are still waiting for that “justice” on your Benghazi blunder bitch bag— not to mention the hacked DNC spewed out the cheating and lies — so who’s right and who’s wrong ??? Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump Hillary did shirt. Maybe Putin knows more than u think there Hillary – like maybe he knows u r a cheating lying piece of crap and he wants the world and the people of America to know that!!!! She is just trying to deflect the blame for her use of an unsecured server, I mean, that IS where they found all of this lol. Always look at who’s blaming who- if she’s screaming at Russia for trying to hack the election, it was more likely that the Dems were doing it & got caught. Funny how it came up as a big news story for a day then it went very quiet. Since 2 of the 3 companies that make voter booths are huge Clinton donors I always wondered how that wasn’t a conflict of interest