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What a nice videos!! You guys can make a smile to anyone. Beetlejuice Edward Jack You Can’t Sit With Us shirt. Although it’s my first comment, I always enjoy watching your videos. Awesome acting..nice characters..nice teamwork. Hai
Such amazing actors you guys are awesome… I just can’t miss it at all… Chhavi your acting is just,
Keep up, guys … hats off to SIT team. I enjoy all d episodes of SIT n really they r awesome.. bt anyway in dis baby is awesome. Keep up d good work. Aapne Thora an apnea v sun late. Baki this is the good time to motivate her. Again the little episode mind-blowing.  You act very well I hope to see you in movies you look gorgeous. Nice video Chhavvi recently facing same problems like you ….so related. Hahaha, this is awesome… Shown the problem so well… Loved this video.

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Beetlejuice Edward Jack You Can’t Sit With Us shirt

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Acting skills are good and good story make more this type of videos, Beetlejuice Edward Jack You Can’t Sit With Us shirt. Chhavi & co, SIT is my favorite nowadays… Looking forward to more videos of such day to day activities… Lovely. Awesome! Your team is too good! I am stuck with such baby since long. This is so true, so real same happened to me a year back! This is exactly what happens in corporate jobs!? Especially HR/Manager relationship with employees! Awesome and so true….we don’t manage our husband the way we manage the maid….so true… We really need help in our daily life so if yu have good maid try to retain her or else u will have to do everything urself.

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Omama Ali one child? Womanism shirt. Pish. Rich ppl would control the whole process. Are you kidding me? That is how this country operates at the moment. You don’t have to give birth to a child to be a parent. You can always adopt an abandoned child but that requires empathy and character and most humans lack both. Chances of that kid inheriting cancer from his mother are high. so yea it’s not let them be happy it’s immoral to impose that on a child. I agree with Jeff Miller. The planet cannot sustain the increased demand for consumption, and land. The planet is dying from overpopulation. The scientist is constantly warning the government. The abuse of the planet is caused by overpopulation. Wild life is being wiped out, the jungles are being wiped. The oceans are becoming acidic, this is absolutely shocking. All because there are too many people on the planet.

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Womanism shirt. The world is not overpopulated and there is more than enough resources to provide for all human beings right now. Greed, waste, and selfishness. That’s our problem. This human flaw herds people into certain areas and keeps them out of others and it limits access to resources and misuses them as well. What does one person need with 100 acres of land? No trespassing on land that was here before humans? A hundred, a thousand years from now some other human will claim the land is theirs. It isn’t. There are fruit trees baring countless fruit that falls to the ground and rot because of the “I don’t want it but you cant have it either mentality.” Overpopulation might be a problem in the next century and beyond sure. That’s entirely possible but it is not, in fact, an issue presently. I’m not a tree hugger, I’d love to have a 100acres myself lol. I’m human too. But to thine own self-be true so just saying it like it is.

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We know. Official Seinfeld George The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt. I think this video should be very helpful for us to understand the artistic part of a paper book, Really? My kindle lasted 2 years yet I still have the first book I ever bound the first book I was ever given. It’s how you look for a book that determines its life as it has no batteries to fail. Agree with Brett. Printed books you can exchange, give, sell, whatever you want. Debatable. Your ebooks are powered by electricity, odds are that electricity is generated through less than eco-friendly methods. I have books from the 1800s… And I know there are several historic places with original libraries intact. Also never heard of books giving people cancer/radiation poisoning or blowing up. To also go with my comment maybe you should look up an image for a lithium ion mine and tell me that it’s better for the environment.

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Bob Ross and Seinfeld George The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt

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Official Seinfeld George The Timeless Art of Seduction shirt. To also go with my comment maybe you should look up an image for a lithium ion mine and tell me that it’s better for the environment, To also go with my comment maybe you should look up an image for a lithium ion mine and tell me that it’s better for the environment, Oh, and mining for all the silver in your silver components is really environmentally friendly too… or generating electricity to use it… or the fact that a decomposing kindle, will have far worse effects on the environment than and decomposing book. Well….apparently it may look friendly….but the internet you use to read it comes from the radio frequency signals, which kills birds and affects human & other animals. To read u continuously stare at your device screen that is harmful to your eyes and brain….plus electronic devices are hazardous wastes, it emits harmful gases… technically paper books are environment-friendly…..just saying…

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Omg they aren’t even married yet and they are having problems…..Justin Bieber Colorblind shirt. that’s a problem. Lol  If we love Justin Bieber we should love also his love, and that is Hailey Rhode Baldwin.
Justin and Hailey is a perfect couple, U can feel whatever u want with Hailey! That’s none of Selena’s business. ures not feel emotional with Selena coz u loved her completely bt this Hailey thing she just there to give u company. hahaha, u will realize it later when it’s too late. Anyway, whatever u do let Selena be happy coz are just a course in her life. God help us. If the Gospel can’t transform a life, we are in trouble. The church is in trouble. Bieber needs deliverance from the mind control, and ties with the lucifarians and apparently so does Hillsong.

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IDK what that is!!! Justin Bieber Colorblind shirt. Anyhow this is not of God. False Prophets and sloppy ones at that! “I think when you invest in something, there’s a return” LOL!!

“The Sunk Cost Fallacy: Your decisions are tainted by the emotional investments you accumulate, and the more you invest in something the harder it becomes to abandon it”

Unless you’re a charismatic preacher who wears’s $500 t-shirts and hangs out with celebs… not the best advice for everyone else, however. sexy is heteroflexible prayer buddy weekend. what would your drag name be? no, YOU go first. the toothbrush move after the head on shoulder moment had me dying though.  I love Off white shoes, on the spot tooth brushing and God. 

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Scott Stalnaker -the continuing lies of the uneducated morons who support tRumpty despite the overwhelming evidence before their own eyes. Tre45on shirt. It was Iran’s money that the US was withholding until the agreement was in place. trump should stop selling uranium to Russia but he won’t since he’s Putin’s puppet. Chump likes to destroy every agreement Obama has ever signed why doesn’t he do that now, Mark Todd the lies and half trusts keep coming from People who don’t read a thing but spout propaganda from Fox and a Russian trolls! This is why Republicans want to fund everything but public schools and universities! Because all public schools and universities espouse is socialism. Really, are you that indoctrinated yourself that you don’t/can’t see that???

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Home :

Your opinion. Tre45on shirt. Check out all the good he is doing and get your mind off the voting issue. Theresa Gulinello Raymond There are many people who unfortunately are very poor at judging people’s character. Maybe they are just stupid. His supporters believe him, their LIARS like him, bird’s of a feather flock together, Why not … he has been getting away with it from day one! How many friendships have been lost and families divided over President Trump. Yet, his followers hold hard to the great Leader who placed himself and USA at the feet of Russia and Putin! How very Un-American, yet anyone that disagrees with what Trump is doing is not supporting America. These are the same people who were so concerned about Football players if they stood for the anthem but yet when America bows like a beaten dog before communist dictator they don’t have a problem?

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Yup. I tried the gym in the morning and the thing is, I Believe In The Power Of Yet Apple shirt. it was a disaster. I just rather do it in the afternoon and kill it. It’s even more fun when you have kids that wake you up four times a night. 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am… Just shuffle those hours. Colby BigCity Sutter lol with 3 kids a full-time job and in school I don’t even understand the words that are coming out of your mouth! Lmao! Same but I’m strict a bit , I sleep at 2 am and wake up 6 or 7 , and if I feel tired or sleepy within the day I can take a coffee or listen to music it helps a lot and sometimes I walk and get fresh air , but I feel better and my day is long and I have a lot to do , but I never felt satisfied. By lunchtime, I have already had a full day. It feels good to feel accomplished so early.

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I Believe In The Power Of Yet Apple shirt

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actually if you really have an aim or propose exists every day, I Believe In The Power Of Yet Apple shirt. it will make you up early, however, if you’re tired or not but I mean that feeling you have something to do or finish! I really hope for everyone to know what they want exactly because it took me a long time to find out, and once you find it you will have the ability to handle anything. vI am, have always been, and very much love being a night owl. I generally go to bed btw 1 and 2 am. I’ve been known to work out (in our basement gym) at midnight. It’s just a matter of using the time you are awake wisely. Not so much being awake at any certain time.

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Do you do all of the makeup this late just for us? Zero Sleep Bun Hair Late Again Don’t Care Mom Life shirt Or do you go out and let others enjoy your work? I kno.. a lil dumb but I’ve always wondered lol, why angry faces she has not even got started yet. just leave if u don’t wont to be here cuz this is are a girl and we don’t like mad faces or mean comments. Guess what?? I’ve finally gotten my brows figured out!! Now I can’t leave the house without coloring them in!! It makes SUCH a difference, You teach us to be more contentious! You challenge us to rise higher in our own ability & that’s an incredible, awe Inspiring thing! What would you suggest for under eyes that are extremely dark? When I put my eye makeup on it seriously looks like I have black eyes because of my dark circles underneath.

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Zero Sleep Bun Hair Late Again Don’t Care Mom Life shirt. just know we are all here for you sweetie and like I told you my inbox is always open I’ll give you my number our god is one amazing god keeping you all in my prayers, omg Chucky terrified me when I was younger. Who am I kidding I’m still scurred! I’m just gonna pretend you’re rainbow bright with cray hair! I feel if maybe you don’t bring the cheek contour as far back towards your ears. It’ll make your face like more round and less slender… or leave it and it looks awesome!  My son was chunky for two Halloweens in a row and he is a redhead so it was perfect, I drew scars and cuts on his face and everywhere we went we got so many compliments. Cutest killer doll ever

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Who says this kid is getting bullied, Megan Brouwer? I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry shirt. And who said this kid was being enslaved? According to your logic, because the kid’s dad wants him to pass his classes and get his school work done, that makes him his slave? Likewise, you really think that was a “harsh punishment?” You would go even further and call that “torture?” And just because you discipline your children that doesn’t mean they’re going to hate. you when they grow up or not “come to see you in the retirement home.”

You say kids aren’t property to dominate or possess, but my guess is any type of punishment, corporal or not. would be dominating or showing some type of possession wouldn’t it? I think those words are entirely ridiculous. Also, deliberately disobeying your parents is not a “small mistake.” Finally, just because someone doesn’t parent how you would parent, doesn’t make them a bad parent. I might have destroyed his Xbox too. Lol, entitled children are like.. Josh and Blaine. But yeah he had every right to destroy something he most likely paid money for. it was his choice and right as a parent if the child was not upholding their responsibility.

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Blaine, if you were my kid, your ass would be blistered and losing the Xbox would be the last of your worries.I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry shirt. Mikael Pelletier, I’m not an entitled child because I have a full-time job. I pay for my own things, I pay for my car thank you very much. You don’t teach kids a lesson by destroying property. They are humans too. You wouldn’t do that to another adult, and if you did you would be arrested and charged. Why do we think doing things like this is suddenly ok when it’s our own blood and when it’s a child? What type of life lessons about adult life does it teach them about resolving conflict? If someone didn’t listen to you then destroy their property? There are other ways that don’t involve destroying things.

See the fail and joke is on the dad because he broke it and probably will buy him another. one same as any of you if you do the same … And don’t deny it. Funny, I was gonna say something about that old man breaking that Xbox and people already beat me to it. Those people must mess with their cats a lot I love on mine 99% of the time. I could flip him around like nunchucks and he wouldn’t even try to attack me. he’s extremely chill and loving because I don’t mess with him that often. The yelling goat is a crack-up if you watch the entire video. The guy is asking the goat about local politics and the town mayor. the goat’s responses are spot on with the questions. It’s hilarious to watch!

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Expectations other than gentlemen & love are total bullshit. If ladies really expect these, I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt. they got a screw loose, Who can eat anything immediately after waking up…I mean she doesn’t feel even to poop first…yakkk… Expectations are stupid. It’s why some of you people break up every couple of months or even weeks and argue every day. And they ask for equal everything, why can’t things be all the way around? She has to open the door for me, she has to match my t-shirt, she has to bring breakfast to me and all other things. She has a big 2 attraction.. if my gf become like her.. I keep her all the time and always monitor what she is doing ahahaha.

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I'm Not Gay But $20 Is $20 Sweater


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The last 1 is pathetic which I did it too n den 4 an entire week I had 2 say u look gorgeous babe, u r beautiful, I’m Not Gay But $20 Is $20 shirt. etc…  Expectations are the first 2 years of relationship and rest are ‘reality’! I would love to tag you. Expectations are the first 2 years of relationship and rest are ‘reality’! I would love to tag you. do you know how good you have it with me babygirl? I meet all the expectations!….except maybe the birthday one, the breakfast in bed one, and the very last one about makeup… I’m more of the bad versions of those. I have the gentleman kind of boyfriend. opens the door for me, says I love u in public, cooks for me. The acting on the reality part is way more realistic than the expectation part. I guess it comes naturally.

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I’m amazed at how considerate they remain by the fact that they’re in nature, Send Memes shirt. instead of going nuts at the sight of one of the natures not so popular habitats. They carefully handle the situation and do nothing to further disturb the snake. That child will be raised really well, Ok seriously? Parents of the year! Who lets their child out of the boat to climb on a beaver mound? I doubt very much that beaver mound is built to code and probably doesn’t meet any IRC standards. Smh! I used to bring snakes home in my pockets….. My cousin had one that regurgitated a frog in his pocket… Good times. The father probably knew it was a water snake right away… Some placed don’t have poisonous snakes. Not bad parenting like some say. Just a curious kid…

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Sure they wouldn’t be laughing if the thing had bitten the kid in the face. Send Memes shirt. What extremely bad parenting. Put the camera down and be a fucking parent rather than trying to make a viral video for social media. Seriously??! Don’t be concerned if it’s a water moccasin or poisonous, really? Think it would be a good time to teach your kid or learn for themselves. Good grief… I can’t even find that funny. I just keep getting disturbed by the surroundings, child standing in an obviously wooded area that just screams snakes and no shoe on.. than to just keep videotaping while she’s holding a snake and not react. Either they are snake experts and could see it was a nonvenomous northern water snake (I’m not even for sure that’s what it was, to hard to see) or they’re just ignorant.. … I don’t get it.