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Shanghai stock fell more than 25%, and foreign exchange reserves lost over $ 1,200 billion. The Trump Coffin has been tightening and putting considerable political and financial pressure on the government of his cousin. No stranger to the talk last week between Trump and Tap, and on Friday, President Trump announced there could be a “new” deal between the two parties to cool down the fighting. at the end of this November meeting on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Argentina. At the same time in the familiar “stick and carrot” strategy.

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He added that the United States would impose taxes on all imports to China. Trump 2020 fuck your feelings shirt. If the two sides failed to reach an agreement in this session. This news helped the US and world stock markets rebound from the past few days just before the US election, which is not a surprise for Trump’s original tactics. As Americans, are you proud of this American superpower, in opposition to China’s expansionist plan of “One Road Belt” instead of relying solely on the TPP? Are many Americans afraid of President Obama’s jobless claims?

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