Official Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt

Eye guy’s .where the rest of it then lol . Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt. simply lovely and plenty in the tanks,  I see you “liked” this post. Surly you must only like it because you are imagining what it might be like in your dreams when Brandon might actually admit he was wrong. This is more like Anthony’s reaction when Niccola admits he’s right… Then again, I can’t be too sure. Pretty sure you’ve only made this face twice in the thirty years you’ve been together, right Dad?
Mum admitting someone else is right is hardly a common occurrence…  I know how you feel life seems too overwhelming but keep soldiering on I know you are a strong person and I am sure its just a rough patch anytime you need an ear to listen or vent I am always here but I know you are not a quitter just think of yourself you are a very special person you will make it thinking of you take care lol

Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt, sweater, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt

Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt

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Thing is it’s not about being wrong or right in a marriage. Squats I Thought You Said Shots shirt. It’s about living peacefully together and often that means not fighting about stupid shit. It means letting your pride aside and valuing your marriage MORE than being right. Those types of marriages are healthy and last for years and years. The people that have to be right to have the wrong priorities. Woman’s logic my late wife threw a wobbly one day we always do what you want to do never what I want to do I didn’t want to argue ok you choose what do you want to do don’t know was her reply you choose!!! Aaa female logic, last night…. this is section 111. No, I don’t think this is it! Yes, it is looking at the number. Oh, you’re right….. wow really??? I swear this was my expression!!

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