Official Owl Christmas tree shirt

Compared with vision, hearing is a special gift created for owls. Thanks to it, the owl has the ability to locate prey even in darkness. In some owls, one ear is larger than the other. It helps to identify the dynamics of the prey. For example, the great Arctic gray can even sink into the snow, summing up the rodent, the bad guys who thought the earth was hiding all the sound. Fake feathers on the head of the owl have nothing to do with this wonderful hearing system. They are just a kind of camouflage during the day. More than 200 species of owls in the world are confirmed. However, this is not the exact number. The owl is vulnerable to extinction.

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Official Owl Christmas tree sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Owl Christmas tree Sweater


Owl Christmas tree Long sleeve

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Owl Christmas tree Hoodie


At least 50 years ago, the New Zealand smile was gone. Owl Christmas tree shirt. Along with many other tropical animals from palm oil farming and agriculture. Since 2004, Brazil’s Pernambuco is no longer seen anywhere. Many other owl species that live in Indonesia or the Philippines are also at risk of extinction due to deforestation, invasion of other predators such as snakes and ants. Compared to tropical termite species, the North American owl is more closely studied. Even in New York City there are also owls. Except for white, they are quite big. In winter, some other owls in the north also fly. They include long ears, owls, and owls. While sparrows are new to hunter hunters, photographers spend evenings and hours looking for owls.

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