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One size fits all suits no one. And if you required to read a novel, say, in English class. That’s like having somebody tell you what to wear in your imagination. I can remember how I hated that. Turned me off to Dickens for decades. But if you see some value in reading Huck Finn, you might enjoy reading it anyway. Mark Twain said of his own work that he wasn’t writing for the cultural elite: comparing fine literature to wine, he observed that not everybody likes wine, but his own work he likened to water: “Everybody drinks water,” he said.

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He defined a “classic” like a book “that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.” I’m your huckleberry shirt. Making his stories entertaining for everybody was important to him. Mark Twain wrote some great stories, and Huck Finn is one of his best. Throwing together a fugitive slave and a white trash racist runaway boy on a raft drifting down the wild Mississippi through the Old South was an inspired idea. Having the boy tell the story in his own words—with no clue what was on the author’s mind—and letting that stand as the whole story was a revolutionary stroke of novel-writing genius. It changed literary history.

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