Official Grinch Deadpool Christmas Shirt

Actually, yes. I both work and study and have a SO which takes up basically all of my space. I challenged myself because I love movies and wanted to catch up on many and also just find new and exciting films. Well, at least you get to watch around 48 movies a year (yeah, I’m good at math). You seem to be picking mostly good/great films. Maybe that is the key — skipping the bad ones. I would think that a movie a week would be simple, but then I think about how I’ll have discs from Netflix sit around for a few weeks without sending any back. Sometimes you get busy. I’m not criticizing OP, as everyone has a different life balance, but is a movie a week common for most people here? I’m on a bit of a tear this year (just finished number 298 since New Year).

Official Grinch Deadpool Christmas, sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Grinch Deadpool Christmas Hoodie


Grinch Deadpool Christmas Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve

Grinch Deadpool Christmas Sweater


But I know I’m not the norm. Grinch Deadpool Christmas Shirt. What do you think is the average for people who consider themselves movie fans? I would have guessed ~100 a year. Your average American watches about 80 movies a year. The number of movies viewed per year by people on this sub is probably incredibly varied. I’m sure there are some people who just watch and re-watch marvel and Star Wars (obvious hyperbole) and people like you and me who watch hundreds of movies a year shrug. I think the big issue with a post like this is op acting like it’s some accomplishment.

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