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Historically, good witches (or white witches) good-hearted people. Good witch shirt. Always going to cure people, not witches. But in the annals of Narnia, the writer C.S. Lewis reversed this view when he created a white sorcerer but had an icy and cruel heart. Derived from the importance of male sex, many believe that women are more sensitive to the dark arts and the temptation of the devil is more likely to become witches. In the series of rules written by King Wessex Alfred the Great in 893. It is stated that witches are a category reserved for women. However, the truth is, not only females. Males perform many spells and they called by other names as masters or wizards. There are countless women and men. Persecuted for wantonness throughout history.

In the trials of the witch trials in Germany. Which lasted from 1581 to 1593. A total of 368 people executed and led the men. They include many members such as priests, judges, commissioners. These “witches” sentenced and cremated for inconsiderate reasons such as wandering alone in the night. Or simply humming and humming a song. In the witch trials in Salem, most of the evidence given to accusing him of being a “witch” just as ghosts. Witnesses say they see the soul of the accused appearing in their dreams, but the defendant’s body is elsewhere. At that time, the “man” of the witch is doing evil. With that said, the trial will identify, it is the devil himself and his minions have taken the soul, controlling him to go astray.

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Not only that. Good witch shirt. But some other evidence also used to accuse them of being “wizarding marks” on their bodies. However, modern studies have shown that the signs referred to are only minor skin lesions or congenital malformations. The stereotypical image of the witch is an ugly old woman. Wearing a black hat, high, pointed and wide. But in fact, there are assumptions, the evidence indicates. Witch not only to wear such pointed hats. One of the shreds of evidence is that in medieval wood carvings. So witchcraft appears in a suit of that era. Including hoodlums and different types of hats. Many witches left to their heads. With their hair curled in the wind.

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