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Another legend tells that one night a long time ago. Fox Christmas tree shirt. A poor woodcutter was on his way home when he met a lost child and went hungry. Despite his need, he gave the child little food and sheltered him for a night of sleep. When he woke up the next morning, the woodcutter saw a beautiful tree outside the door. At that time, he knew the child was God and he created the tree to reward the virtue of others. In the eighth century, Boniface, an English priest, on the pilgrimage route, happened to encounter a group of non-Christians gathered around a large oak tree, using a child to sacrifice. . In order to stop the sacrifice and save the child, Boniface defeated the oak tree with a single punch. There was a small pine tree growing there.

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The saint tells them that the small tree is the tree of life and that it symbolizes the eternal life of Christ. It also said that in the 8th century, St. Boniface – the English missionary – when he went to Germany to spread Christianity, gave Geismar a tree for love and faith. When the Germans adopted Christianity, they chose the Christmas tree as a symbol of Christmas day in memory of Boniface. Legend has it that once Martin Luther (the German theologian, Augustine monk) walks through the woods on a Christmas night around 1500. Millions of stars shine through the leaves. He really amazed at the beauty of a small tree, covered with white snow, shimmering under the moonlight.

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So, when he returned he put a small pine tree in the house. Fox Christmas tree shirt. And told the story to the children. In order to recreate the sparkling light of thousands of stars, he hung the candles to the pine branches and lighted them with the homage of Christmas. He explained that the candles burned on the branches of the tree symbolize the light of Jesus bringing to humanity, the year-round green of the tree symbolizing the eternal God. Christmas customs became popular in Germany in the 16th century. Christianity brought trees into the house and decorated them for Christmas. In areas where trees are green, people create pyramid objects from wood and decorate them with green branches and candles. Soon, Christmas tradition became popular in European countries.

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