Official Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair Shirt

Elias is one of the ones that keep me watching, and it’s a shame they cut him out of the Hulu version of the show this week! Now that Rollins is stuck back in the shield Elias is honestly the most entertaining part of Raw every week. Two guys hate each other, and one night they randomly involve a table in their brawl. Guess you’re having a Tables match at the next PPV. Oh, a bunch of girls turned on each other and started arbitrarily throwing each other out of the ring. It’s Battle Royal time. Can we talk about how good the storytelling was when Strowman attacks Ziggler, even though McIntyre hit him? Lol, that’s a stretch. Ziggler “lost” the match so Strowman kicked his ass. Besides, Drew wasn’t even in the ring.

Official Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair, sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve.

Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair Sweater


Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair Hoodie


Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve

I like the format here that includes the method of finish for the results. Dana Holgorsen Fear The Hair Shirt.  Any chance this could be added to the Post-NJPW show template? o Asuka is stuck in some meaningless battle Royale at Evolution?  Wow, if she doesn’t at least win, then I give up on them ever booking her well on the main roster because this is pathetic. Ditto on Sasha and Bayley and Ruby being stuck in some filler tag match.  Women need their own Tag Team Titles more than ever now, too much-wasted talent otherwise. Drew vs. Braun, ah sounds ok.  But it again shows how they don’t know how to capitalize on Braun’s momentum.

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