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Funny thing is, I’m a dancer as well. Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. I absolutely love it. I just happen to put my efforts for a career elsewhere in a STEM major. Doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion. Oh, wait! Come back, Debbie Watkins! Why did you delete your comment?! Funny thing is, my skill was never in question. I never said I could do better. I just said that I didn’t like her dance but that she was good. “Potential” is what I said. Why is it always the “thicker” women that hate dancing? Lol, she’s a beautiful dancer when she properly executes her moves. These twerk dance classes are becoming a little too popular in my opinion,  I can be your friend and still say “yous a ho”. It is what it is. And I definitely won’t salt a stripper for their grind. But being a stripper isn’t world-renowned (typically i.e. Cardie B, Lil Kim etc) if you know what I mean. If that’s all you wanna be known for then do you boo. Tasha Dotts

Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

Chris Brown Black Pyramid Sweater


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For anyone that what’s to know her name is Aliya Janell and she owns a dance studio out in Cali. Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. Go check her on IG she’s mad talented, Hope she has better moves than that,, not saying she can’t dance but that there was shaking twerking and rolling,, I like choreographed moves. And before anyone has something to say I grew up with the skills and stopped after my 1st kid. People today just throw things around popping butts and call it dancing, I dance as well (not as a career but hip-hop and freestyle) and I agree and see how you say that. “No thanks! This is gross!” Coming from a boy who’s profile picture is of his two abs. Yeah. She’s the gross one. Amber Lynn Caulder have a valium and a vibrator…now this is coming from your btch with one finger ..yeah I know u love it. Btw not two abs it’s 8 . You cant even count dumb n stupid gross one lol

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