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Officials urged evacuees to stay away from the area. In Leland, a lowland city north of Wilmington. Homes and offices submerged by water rising as high as 10 feet on Highway 17. During a flood that local residents say is “unprecedented”. Police and volunteers used boats to rescue stranded residents, families, infants, the elderly and pets. The abandoned gas stations, broken trees make many roads cannot pass. More than 641,000 homes and offices have lost power in North and South Carolina and neighboring states, down from a peak of nearly 1 million. Hurricane Florence has set a state record for precipitation in a hurricane. So, surpassing the previous 24 inches of Hurricane Floyd. Carolina strong. Which killed 56 in 1999, said Bryce Link. A meteorologist for the agency. Private newspaper Marine Weather said.

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The storm has killed at least 11 people in North Carolina. Carolina strong shirt. including a mother and child with dead trees, state officials said. Six people died in South Carolina. Maybe including four car accidents. And two carbon monoxide poisoning from mobile generators. The governor of South Carolina urged people in vulnerable areas to evacuate. Many tragedies have occurred during the hurricane. In Union County about 200 miles west of Wilmington. A 1-year-old baby was missing due to flash floods. When a poor mother’s car flooded by floodwaters. Many of North Carolina’s rivers and dams have spilled over. And officials have warned the floods will be worse this week. In the western state of the state. Fearing that landslides would occur. More than 100 resettlement camps have welcomed flood runners into a shelter.

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