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How’s your metabolism? I’m 6’2″, weighing 150 and I feel like edibles don’t work for me either! I’ve always wondered if it’s a metabolism thing. Ayeeee tall n lanky boys we out here! Shiiiiiiit so it must be a real thing ppl think I’m crazy when I take massive edible doses, I gave up though tbh coz nothing short of a massive dose (400mg and up) really gets me where I want, and even then it doesn’t feel like my money’s worth. I used to be the same. Then I got a weed vape and with vapes, once you’re done with a bowl you can actually save the weed called AVB/ABV (already vaped bud) and it’s basically already decarbed weed and you can straight up eat it but it tastes like shit. Anyways after vaping and saving an oz of AVB I made some weed brownies and lemme tell you.

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Official Butterfly Let It sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Butterfly Let It Sweater


Butterfly Let It Hoodie


Butterfly Let It Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve

I was high for 28 hours straight! Butterfly Let It Shirt. I was at a 20 of 10 and felt like I was dying lmao. That’s the highest I’ve been in my life. I have a weirdly low tolerance for smoking. Like 4-5 bong rips get me to an [8] without fail but for some reason, I seem to have a weirdly high tolerance to edibles. Every time I do edibles with my friends they are like catatonic and I get to like a [5]. They all have way higher smoking tolerances than me too.

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