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Don’t forget to wear your high heels when you conveniently run that stick vac all over the house! Build This Wall shirt. I just bought the one on QVC. I like to sweep up dirt and dog hairs every other day, and I LOVE it! My hairdresser has one that’s part of a wastebasket. omg, I thought I heard someone using that lol that was you..that’s awesome! They do have portable ones. My hair salon has two. They are about $99. I don’t know where they got them but I want one too! There is one that is portable it’s called EYE VAC
I had one when my kids were young. It was great since a lot of crumbs fell on the floor several times a day. I no longer need it now though. Megan Love right!? I can’t believe how many people did not catch her very obvious sarcasm lmao. To be fair this does have a use, but not in a house.

Build This Wall shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

Build This Wall shirt

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In the food industry, you aren’t supposed to use vacuums, because of the air they blow out. Build This Wall shirt. 
Instead, you have to sweep, the dustpan it up, so in that situation, this could be useful… Providing it doesn’t kick out the air like a vacuum does.

Not sure why you need this. You’ve already done the hard part…sweeping. Now, all you need is a dustpan which is cheaper than this gadget.  I wanna know where I can get those polka dotted heels. I used to have a pair, but don’t have them anymore. LOL. It bothers my back sometimes to bend over and I have allergy attacks if the dust and hair get in my face. But I won’t be paying for this still lol. 

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