Official Baker Mayfield walk on shirt

Too much talent on that roster. those comparisons make me sick now that I’ve gotten to watch Baker the QB and Baker the person. Couldn’t be further from Johnny as a competitor and QB. Baker goes thru progressions, keeps his eyes downfield, runs as a last resort…Johnny took off and almost intentionally made plays on the run. As for the person, Johnny not only had mental health issues but was also much more of a media/attention seeker than Baker. Baker really seems like a genuine person whereas Johnny always felt like he was putting on a front to impress everyone. I honestly don’t think his accuracy has been that great. He has thrown players behind them a lot and it is not on purpose. But what he has done great so far is be composed when under pressure, sense pressure, go through his progressions.

Official Baker Mayfield walk on sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Baker Mayfield walk on Sweater


Baker Mayfield walk on Long sleeve

Long sleeve

Baker Mayfield walk on Hoodie


Move around the pocket Baker Mayfield walk on shirt. And has had great footwork. Those skills are what separates the great QBs from the average ones. He showcases good pocket presence and awareness, plus going through reads. That’s the major thing because most rookie QB’s struggle with that type of stuff, but you can see Baker seeing a blitz, moving around the pocket, and either trying to make a play or throwing it away. And he made a lot of good throws, great throws. A 9 yard out might not seem great, but he put that on the money for his WR to make a catch. He found the open guy more times than not. The two bad passes I’d say would be the 3rd down pass. He throws down the field that is low and behind his WR.

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