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I don’t fully understand your point, Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt and you seem to contradict yourself in your comments. First, you said everybody that immigrated here brought job skills (mentioning Doctors and Dentists), then later you say “cabinet makers and darn good laborers.” Are you saying that we don’t do a good enough job now making sure darn good laborers aren’t turned away? Do you think many unskilled people enter this country? As I understand it, it is incredibly difficult to obtain an American visa and to enter as a refugee is a long and rigorous process. If your point is that it used to be more difficult to come to America and become a citizen, I strongly disagree. The path to come here illegally is a long and dangerous one as well. You say in all caps “someone forgot to teach this in school because it is still the law,” referring to having to pass an American history test and “sweat” allegiance in order to become a citizen.

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I don’t understand what this means. Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt. They forget to teach that because it’s the law? You’re saying that this is still a law, and because of that, we forget to tach that it’s the law? I don’t know, but it’s the only thing you wrote in caps. The most worrisome line is you last “America is not up for change” comment. I have no idea what it’s referring to, but the idea that America can’t grow or evolve was a nation is ignorant, plain and simple. I’m not sure you fully understood the purpose of my poem, but I hope you take another look and understand I’m not encouraging our country to put the rest of the world on welfare, but rather to stop fearing people from other countries and help our fellow man when possible.

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