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Black space is always a mystery to humans. Where farts come from shirt.  And the desire to discover all about the universe will be made in the future by the development of human technology and intelligence. The solar system now recognizes eight planets orbiting the sun. These planets are arranged in order from near the sun to the sun. Now let’s take a look at some of the insights on the planets in the solar system. The order of the planets is as follows: Sun in the center, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Stars Sun is the center of the solar system and is called the parent star and is the only star that provides light energy to other planets. The sun always has large nuclear reactions that radiate across the planet. It produces energy and creates the gravitational pull.

What is the solar system?

That causes other planets to orbit around it. The sun due to its self-healing process not only generates heat but also emits light that causes other planets to be present day and night. To create a system, asteroids or pulse satellites needed. around. Mercury: This is the planet closest to the sun. Venus: Venus is the second planet in the solar system. And it has a rotation period of 224.7 Earth Earth Days Perhaps this the most well-known knowledge of all the other planets. Where farts come from shirt. We would like to say no more. This is the only planet in existence that has survived to this point. Mars  This planet is also known as Mars or “Red Planet. Jupiter This considered being the giant monkey.
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