Fa Thor Shirt – Fathor Shirt

Shut yo old asses up don’t got shit to worry about probably Never watched a full NFL game or even had a reason to protest now yo old Jim crow ass wanna dictate something that u obviously don’t understand. Loll everyone standing up for these peaceful protestors you call the Fa Thor Shirt – Fathor Shirt.thats why 90% of the NFL players are against the protest right? And did you ever notice it was’nt the “stand up guys” that took part in the movement. I think that says something all Fa Thor Shirt.

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Fa Thor Shirt – Fathor Shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Fa Thor Shirt – Fathor Shirt

Been wearing them, even got approached by a fellow veteran about how I/it was Fa Thor Shirt. I replied, like being placed under the care of someone who sexually assaulted me as a kid? Twice planked in a dental X-ray machine? Screamed at in optical? How about having 6 nurses take pictures of my penis with their personal phones? Yea. I’m the one being disrespectful. and while he was staring at his feet, I asked him if he never heard about not Fucking with the Fa Thor Shirt. If you are hung so well that 6 nurses risked their job to photo your junk. You need to go into porn. Or politics.

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