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Basically. Beauty And The Bump Shirt. People want new content but not things they think have been covered before…but in the end what is there really to post here other than band suggestions and app suggestions? Also, I’m pretty sure they haven’t searched because Reddit search is terrible on top of the fact that people’s post titles are typical “OMG Help” or something else nonsensical that will never be found in a search. There’s a lot more to pair than the same pictures of a new watch on your wrist or asking if you should upgrade. The same reposts were really turning me off to this sub.

What does bump mean?

Nope, the point of Reddit is to complain and whine amongst people who hopefully agree with you for internet points. I actually do like seeing pics of new watches. And the joy that people get out of them. That’s why they are posting, aren’t they? To share their happiness. I’m cool with that. It’s an open platform. If you don’t like it, then just scroll past it. I actually like to see pictures of new watches/bands. That way I can find new bands and see how they would combine with my Apple Watch. I think there should be some mega threads that are updated every week or bi-weekly for a few of these categories. One for “joined the club” posts, another for watch bands, and one more for questions about colors/scratches. Granted, that would probably remove about 75% of posts.
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